A/Prof Yi Yang | Spinal Surgeon Melbourne

Spine Surgery Victoria offers advanced spinal surgery for both adults and children in Melbourne.

A/Prof Yi Yang is a highly qualified and experienced adult and paediatric spine surgeon. Having trained in Melbourne and worked in Australia, Canada and the US, A/Prof Yang is extensively qualified in the management and treatment of spinal disorders.

Spine Surgery Victoria is dedicated to providing world-class spinal surgery in Melbourne and commonly treats scoliosis both in children and adults, spinal deformity, degenerative spinal conditions, disc herniation and a range of spinal conditions and injuries for adults and children.

  • MIS: Minimally Invasive Surgery

    Minimally invasive surgery means less disruption to surrounding structures and enhanced patient outcomes with faster recovery periods. In addition, suspected spinal problems can now be investigated in much less invasive ways than was previously possible and diagnoses made without the need for invasive surgery. Operating with a microscope enables more accuracy and greater focus.

  • Navigations / Guidance / Robotics

    By using computer navigation and robotic surgery, Mr. Yang harnesses the significant benefits that these technologies offer. The safety profile of many procedures is much improved with more accurate imaging, which means smaller surgical dissection and less stripping of soft tissue to navigate during surgery.